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For our July issue, we’re looking for essays on films and TV that explore the stories—the myths and legends, the facts and fabrications—of Los Angeles’ past, present, and future.

Of course there are plenty of great movies about the glitz and the dangers of Hollywood, but we’re not looking exclusively—or even primarily—for showbiz stories (after all, we did a whole issue on those just a year ago). Instead, we want to cast a wider net, from the crime epics (Heat, L.A. Confidential) to the comedies (Clueless, Shampoo), from the uncanny fever dreams (Safe, Repo Man) to the hardboiled noirs both classic (The Big Sleep) and revisionist (The Long Goodbye), we want to explore every corner of the City of Angels from the glamour to the grime and everything in between.

As always, we’re looking for thoughtful analysis and wholehearted engagement, as opposed to standard reviews, clickbait, or hot takes. We’re a home for film writing that you won’t find anywhere else on the web—we’re not afraid to go long, to dive deep, to look close, to dig into filmmaking and film theory, but also to get messy and vulnerable and human, to explore nuance and mystery. We’re looking for writing that is savvy and insightful about filmmaking, but that also grapples in some way with the business of being alive. 

We tend to publish critical essays between 1800-3000 words, though we’ve certainly been known to publish pieces in other, longer formats. Creative approaches are always encouraged. 

We pay $50 per essay upon publication.

In order to be considered for the issue we’ll need to receive a first draft of your essay by May 31, 2019.

If you have any questions or concerns prior to submitting, please feel free to email (editors@brightwalldarkroom.com). Please be aware that due to the high volume of submissions and few available publishing slots, we are very rarely able to accept an essay based on idea alone, and so as long as you have no particular concerns, there is no need to submit a traditional pitch. Also, before submitting, please check our archives to make sure we haven't covered the film you hope to write about within the last calendar year (we even have an alphabetized database of every film we've covered under the "Films" tab for extra convenience). 

For additional information, visit our Submissions page: http://brightwalldarkroom.com/submissions/